Awards & Presentations


I am open to commission for presentation pieces to mark special events like retirements, visiting dignitaries, birthdays, competition prizes and awards, etc.

If you have an idea then I’d love to discuss it with you!

Some of my commissions include:

  • A Commemerative Bowl presented to the city of Brussels to mark St. Patrick’s Day 2020
  • Presentation pieces for the Cork Institute of Technology to mark the retirement of senior managers. This included a piece to mark the retirement of Dr. Brendan Murphy, President of the CIT
  • A presentation piece for the visiting Mayor of Shanghai
  • Cork Institute of Technology Student of the Year Awards from 2009 to date
  • Prizes for the Coca-Cola Form & Fusion Fashion Awards 2002 – 2004
  • Prizes for the Shockwave Young Band competition 2004
  • Glass panels for doors and entrances
  • Woven-wire garden ornaments

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