Inspired by the roman God of wine and mother nature.

The Bacchus collection was born from my love of  nature and good wine.

During lockdown I reestablished my relationship with nature , watching the  woodlands change on a daily basis, the luster and lushness after a fall of rain on a spring day and slow and steady changing of the seasons that we could all rely on.

I started to use more and more recycled glass as I had some empty wine bottle to hand. I stared to explore the shape, colour and form of the bottles and melting them into organic looking forms. I soon had friends willing to help me and donate their empty bottles.

In September 2022 I was part of  Glass Society of Ireland  Review exhibition in the beautiful Hunting Brooke Garden in Wicklow.

For this exhibition I installed over 75 Bacchus vessels emerging from the woodlands, like they were propagating and spreading through the wood. It was a wonderful exhibition to be part of as one of its main focuses was to leave no trace, a truly wonderful  exhibition that respected the environment.

This body of work is ongoing and available to buy of hire for events.

If you are interested please fill out the contact form and leave a message.  I will get back in contact .

Bacchus woodland installation
Bacchus woodland installation
Glass art Suzanne O Sullivan